The world’s only thin film pyroelectric sensor supplier
Pyreos was formed in 2007 to take advantage of the growing market for advanced infrared sensor technology in gas detection, motion sensing and spectroscopic analysis.

How did Pyreos start?
Siemens contributed seed technology in the form of proprietary developments and a patent portfolio for ceramic thin film MEMS IR sensor technology. Siemens had already invested over 75 man years (around €10m) in this technology and spun it out into Pyreos to ensure broader market-based growth. Since then, Pyreos has optimised the sensor technology and combined it with additional semiconductor process developments and packaging techniques to create a new range of infrared sensor products. Pyreos has also continued to develop the patent portfolio and now has 27 patent families.

Digital Infrared Detctors
ezPyro SMD Single
ezPyro SMD+Single
ezPyro SMD Dual
ezPyro TO-39 Flame
Analog Infrared Detectors
Analog TO-39 1-4 Channel
Linear arrays
Evaluation Kits Pyreos offers a range of evaluation kits which have our sensor products at their core.
These tools are either general use sensor control and readout platforms for rapid evaluation and prototyping,
or application specific demonstrators.

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